What about SpaceConflict?


Since 2014 SpaceConflict offer you a great community with updates and supports to keep project alive and better.


SpaceConflict Legacy will include the following features:

  • ✓  Emulator recoded from zero
  • ✓  New ships
  • ✓  News events
  • ✓  News NPCs
  • ✓  New ship management
  • ✓  GalaxyGates with unlimited sockets
  • ✓  New in-game design
  • ✓  Downloadable Game Client
  • ✓  Many more ...

News & Updates

News updates and announcements are regularly posted on our Discord server. If there is something important to know or interesting to see, whether it's the next big update or any issue that will be fixed soon, you'll find it there.


You should really join our awesome community on Discord. We play and rule the Orbit together. Discord is also the place to get support and help. We listen to users suggestions and try to implement features they wish.


Right now only Le-Gardien is the developer of the project. If you want join the team as MOD or any others roles apply here.